David Abend

I appreciate being able to prescribe a product that has no side effects. I will not have to worry about giving sleeping pills to people and worrying about the side effects of medication.

David Neumeyer

I’ve used the pillow. I do not have neck pain and I love the pillow. I slept much better. In fact, I have back pain and my back pain has been significantly improved by using the pillow.

Dr Gregory Cook

So many people have spent good money, hard-earned money, on pillows that haven’t really succeeded for them, and I don’t think I’ve had any patient who bought the pillow come back and say “I’m just not interested

Dr. Beverly Roberts

When I first tried the water pillow, I was able to sleep through the night and I woke up without having any stiffness in my neck.

David Westerman

I think it has advantages in the standard pillow that we use. It is something that almost flows with the patient’s positioning during the night.

David Neumeyer

In my opinion, this pillow can make a significant difference in peoples’ quality of sleep.


Lisa Querido

I had been sleeping with a cervical collar for months – it helped but was very uncomfortable. I have cervical spondylitis with radiculopathy. Ii got my Chiroflow pillow and gave it a try with no neck collar. Hurray! I love it! I know this won’t cure my problem, but now I can sleep a lot more comfortably.

Starla Renee

I have so many pillows, but this one is a miracle! I have fibro and it is so hard to sleep- I wake up with back, neck and head pain this pillow has allowed me to rest comfortably with no pain when I wake up. Wonderful product.

Renae Pattsem

I have now been diagnosed with degeneration in my neck and have had major pain for over a month…. Sleeping on this pillow has given me relief in the morning. I’m so appreciative of the relief and LOVING the pillow so far for sure! Great purchase!

Angela Veach

I just wanted to say that since owning this pillow I’ve not been able to sleep without it. In 19 years it’s not leaked, I’ve not had problems filling it or draining it, and it’s not misshapen over time. I’m retiring my pillow, and I purchased one from your other company offline Mediflow. My only hope is that I get half as much usage out of the new pillow as I did the last, and that it’s just as comfortable and supportive as the Chrioflow. Without my pillow I wouldn’t have made it all these years, and I hope to make it many more with the new one. I just wanted to share my story after reading some of the reviews before purchasing.

Betty M

This is the best purchase I have ever made. I had been having severe headaches upon awaking that had lasted for 3 weeks. I couldn’t take much more. I ran across the Johns Hopkins Study and knew it couldn’t hurt to give it a try. I woke up after the first night sleep with no headache… A miracle. Since then I have told everyone I know. This is truly the best pillow on the market.